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About Isaiah Senecal -SRS, RENE, PSA, ABR®

I come from three generations of Realtors, and grew up in a family of real estate entrepreneurs. I specialize in the residential field as a listing agent with an emphasis on target marketing for properties in Pinellas and Hillsborough County.

My achievements include: top listing agent in office, luxury specialist, wholesaling properties, and consulting with local investors to help them succeed. I can help you too!

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Will The Real Estate Market Crash In 2022

When Will The Real Estate Market Shift? We all know it has been a strong sellers market nationally and locally for quite some time. During most of this time we have had historically low

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Are Online Home Valuations Accurate?!? - Isaiah with the Snell Isle Team

Are Online Home Valuations Accurate?!? We all heard recently that ZILLOW is getting out of the Ibuying business and lost close to a half of a billion dollars on bad purchases. The most insane

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4 Point Inspections In Florida with Isaiah Senecal

Homes That Can Pass A Four Point Inspection Sell For More! What Is A Four Point Inspection? A four point inspection is an inspection checking on four vital components of a home. They

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Three Things To Get Your Home Sold!

Why don't some houses sell, even when they are priced right. Here are three  things that help get a home sold instead of sitting on the market.Declutter- If you are going to be living in

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